A child listens to her favorite illustrated books read aloud online
  • “The impact of students reading authentic quality literature with authentic illustrations, plus having the option of having it read aloud to them, is incalculable.” -Cindy, Elementary School Teacher, South Carolina
  • One More Story has been a favorite of ours for a while now due to its rare blend of education and fun for ALL ages--truly an internet gem :)” -Sarah, Programs Manager, New York
  • “The option for children to read silently and click on a word they can't figure out empowers children to ask for help when they want it.” -Caroline Thaler, Teachers and Moms Blogger and Literacy Coach
  • “I can't imagine a year in my library without One More Story.” -Beth, School Librarian, Louisiana
  • “The teachers in our primary classes are thrilled with One More Story.” -Jeffrey, Elementary School Teacher, Belgium
  • “I love this program. So do my students.” -Alissa, Elementary School Teacher, Nevada
  • “My students are absolutely mesmerized when we read a story using your service.” -Jake, Elementary School Teacher, Washington State
  • “This is such a great product. Your company has done an outstanding job.” -Liz, Assistant Principal, New York
  • “Our school will be resubscribing to this FANTASTIC resource.” -Mary Beth, Elementary School Teacher, Maryland
  • “I am enjoying your website! It is the greatest resource I have seen this year.” -Betty, Elementary School Teacher, South Carolina
  • “My kids absolutely love this website.” -Diane, Elementary School Teacher, California
  • “We have One More Story up and running and have been quite pleased with it. Our patrons are beginning to find it, and parents are thrilled.” -Eileen, Librarian, Georgia
  • “You can't imagine how much this helps my children seeing the words highlighted as the story is being read with expression.” -Ellie, ELL Specialist, New York
  • “My K and 1st grade students love your stories—we enjoy your website daily! ” -Sherrie, Elementary School Teacher, New York
  • “It is so nice to have a website that meets the needs of learners at different levels!” -Josie, Elementary School Teacher, Maryland
  • “We love One More Story!” -Maureen, Parent, Pennsylvania
  • “We were running an after school reading intervention. When the students passed a story, the teachers were giving out candy. I changed the reward to One More Story. The students soon forgot about the candy.” -Cheryl, E.S. Teacher, California
  • “Each year that I complete my Title I purchase orders, One More Story will definitely be at the top of my ordering list. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! Our students love it!” -Hope, Elementary School Teacher, Texas
  • “We love your web site. The kids are captivated!” -Kristin, Elementary School Teacher, Virginia
  • “You guys are providing a fantastic service to early childhood classrooms everywhere.” -Kristin, Elementary School Teacher
  • “Those books that I have looked at are such high quality and the sound effects and musical background support the mood of the story so well. Thanks for a great resource!” -Kay, ESL Teacher, Pennsylvania
  • “OneMoreStory.com has been a huge hit. I've had several requests from the kids to check out the books they read online--that caught me by surprised so I'll order more of those titles!” -Sandra, Media Specialist, Maryland
  • “This is a wonderful program. It warms my heart when I go into a classroom and children are using the program with a smile on their face.” -Barbara, Media Specialist, Connecticut
  • “We tried a few other options this week and nothing captures the attention of a kindergarten student like One More Story!” -Michelle, Elementary School Teacher, Arizona
  • “The kids love singing with the bookworm at the beginning and ask for him by name. Having the book with the words is such a great reinforcement for my younger kids, who need that word recognition.” -Amy, Elementary School Teacher, Virginia
  • “I love the book selections and have built many first grade units around texts on your site.” -Heather, Elementary School Teacher, New Hampshire
  • “My kids truly enjoy this site. My 3 year old loves it and now my 5 year old can read along with Bendy!!!” -Nazanene, Parent
  • “OMS has outstanding quality books and bright, vivid and engaging storytelling.” -Kathleen, Elementary School Teacher, Indiana
  • “At the end of the day we share a book together and this has become one of the kids favorite parts of the day. You are bringing a whole new life to some of our favorite books!” -Versana, Elementary School Teacher, Louisiana
  • “I love using OMS as it creates independence and allows my students to access books that they otherwise could not!” -Debbie, Special Ed Teacher, Nevada
  • “Our grandson started kindergarten this year, and when we found this site, we just had to get it for him. Cooper was thrilled! He said, 'Just like at my school. I know how to do this.' Tonight we read six books!” -Keith and Cathy, Grandparents
  • “Our teachers and students love One More Story. I heard from teachers when I let it lapse a few days!” -Susan, Media Specialist, Oklahoma
  • “We love One More Story sooooo much and tell all we know about it!!!” -Tracy, Parent
  • “Our school subscribes to One More Story and we LOVE it!!! It is a GREAT example of fluent reading for my emerging readers and ELLs.” -Melissa, Elementary School Teacher, Texas
  • “The readings are well paced and modulated. The performances weave doses of excitement, suspense, humor and fun into the fabric of each story.” -Parents' Choice Award Review
  • “Book lovers, regardless of their age, will eagerly browse to find favorite titles sure to inspire through their wonderful illustrations and text as well as the magnificent readers who narrate the stories.” -School Library Journal
  • “One More Story may be closer to true reading than even the ink-on-paper books (with real gutters!) that I read aloud.” -Virginia Heffernan for the New York Times
  • “One More Story is an example of an educational website that fosters a love of learning and reading in children.” -Linda Pliagas for the The Link
  • One More Story is the winner of the James Patterson Pageturner Award for finding “original and effective ways to spread the excitement of books and reading.” -James Patterson Pageturner Award
  • “Nothing beats sitting down with your child and reading a book together and the excitement when they start to recognize words. Here's a great complement to that experience: onemorestory.com.” -Eileen Clark for Entertainment Weekly
  • “Our teachers and students love One More Story. I heard from teachers when I let it lapse a few days!” -Susan, Media Specialist, Oklahoma
  • “I will always love this site. I heard about it in school. I am only a kid. I am 8.” -Kari, eight-year-old, sent to us through our contact form

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