Jez Alborough author, illustrator
Jez Alborough is the author and illustrator of over 45 books for children. His Eddy and the Bear trilogy (which began with the much-loved Where's My Teddy? in 1992) has sold nearly four and a half million copies and was made into an award-winning animated television series. Alborough lives in London and enjoys playing the blues guitar.
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  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Book Award (Hug)
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Book Award (Tall)
Titles in Our Library
Other Titles
  • Hug
  • It's The Bear
  • My Friend Bear
  • Tall
  • Look Out Leon
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  • Hide and Seek
  • Hello Beaky
  • Cuddly Dudley
  • Watch Out! Big Bro's Coming
  • Some Dogs Do
  • Duck in the Truck
  • Fix it Duck
  • Captain Duck
  • Hit the Ball Duck
  • Super Duck
  • Duck's Day Out
  • Duck to the Rescue
  • Duck's Key. Where Can it Be?
  • Shhh Duck! Don't Wake the Baby
  • Balloon
  • Guess What Happened at School Today
  • The Gobble Gobble Moo Tractor Book