Martin Waddell author
Martin Waddell is best known for his children's books, which usually feature animals as their main characters. In addition to a love of animals, much of the inspiration for his stories comes from his experience in the Mourne Mountains of Northern Ireland. Waddell started out his writing career writing for adults, but after a near death experience, he moved on to children's books, of which he has written numerous classics and for which he earned the Hans Christian Andersen Award.
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  • Hans Christian Andersen Award
  • Kurt Maschler Award (The Park in the Dark)
Titles in Our Library
Other Titles
  • Bee Frog
  • The Big Big Sea
  • Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?
  • Captain Small Pig
  • Charlie's TasksDaisy's Christmas
  • Doris Bean and the Queen
  • Farmer Duck
  • Farmer Skiboo Stories
  • The Ghost Ship
  • Good Job, Little Bear
  • Going West
  • The Happy Hedgehog Band
  • Harriet and the Haunted School
  • Harriet and the Robot
  • The Hidden House
  • The Hollyhock Wall
  • It's Quacking Time!
  • John Joe and the Big Hen
  • The Kidnapping of Suzie Q
  • A Kitten Called Moonlight
  • Little Dracula's Christmas
  • Little Dracula's First Bite
  • Little Mo
  • Lucky Duck Song
  • The Masked Cleaning Ladies on Om
  • Mimi and the Picnic
  • Once There Were Giants
  • The Pig in the Pond
  • Room for a Little One: A Christmas Tale
  • Rosie's Babies
  • Sleep Tight, little Bear
  • Small Bear Lost
  • The Tough Princess
  • The Super Hungry Dinosaur
  • Tiny's Big Adventure
  • Tom Rabbit
  • Tough Ronald
  • The Toymaker
  • Two Brown Bears
  • Webster J. Duck
  • What Use is a Moose?
  • When The Teddy Bears Came
  • Who Do You Love
  • Year 2 Anthology: Crazy Castles
  • You and Me, Little Bear
  • Yum, Yum, Yummy