Robin Baird Lewis illustrator
Robin Baird Lewis is most famous for her iconic illustrations of Red Is Best. She always enjoyed illustrating and has made a career in a wide variety of mediums, from restaurant design to murals to theatrical scenery. Her most recent projects include a therapeutic coloring book for adult survivors of child abuse and a YA children's book, The Ale House.
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Other Titles
  • The Ale Sea
  • Colouring Book for Child Abuse Survivors
  • Dramatic Crafts for Kids
  • Baby Talk
  • Touch the Moon
  • More Than Words
  • To the Pool with Mama
  • You Make the Difference
  • To the Post Office with Mama
  • I Feel Different
  • Stephen's Baseball Mitt
  • Who is Sleeping in Aunty's Bed?
  • Round the Mountain
  • Aunt Armadillo
  • Upside Down King of Minnikin
  • Big or Little?
  • Red is Best
  • Canadian Children's Annual
  • Kelly & Her Kidney