Susanna Gretz author, illustrator
Born in America but a resident of England, Susanna Gretz is the author and illustrator of the Teddy Bear series of books, which were adapted into a TV series, as well as many picture books about animals, the most popular of which include Roger the Pig and Frog in the Middle.
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Other Titles
  • The Bears Who Stayed Indoors
  • The Bears Who Went to the Seaside
  • Colours of Things
  • Duck Takes Off
  • Frog, Duck, and Rabbit
  • Frog in the Middle
  • Hide and Seek
  • I'm Not Sleepy
  • It's Your Turn, Roger
  • Rabbit Rambles On
  • Ready for Bed
  • Riley and Rose in the Picture
  • Rilloby-Rill
  • Roger Loses His Marbles!
  • Roger Takes Charge
  • Say It Again, Granny! Twenty Poems from Caribbean Proverbs
  • Teddy Bears 1 to 10
  • Teddy Bears ABC
  • Teddy Bears Cookbook
  • Teddy Bears Cure a Cold
  • Teddy Bears Eat Out
  • Teddy Bears Go Shopping
  • Teddy Bears in the Swim
  • Teddy Bears in Trouble
  • Teddy Bears Moving Day
  • Teddy Bears on Stage
  • Teddy Bears Take the Train
  • Too Dark!